The farm is a collection of modernised buildings with the goats’ welfare, health and happiness at the heart of the farm.

Our females goats give birth once a year, their goat kids stay with the Mother until they are over 2 months old. Then some of the kids remain at the farm where there is a playground for them to interact with our children visitors (from Easter until the end of Autumn). The remaining kids graze on our goat reserve, in Borgholm, with the retired females.

On the reserve we also have an area for our “teenage” goats aged 1 to 2 years.   They are separated from the elderly and kid goats as they are too boisterous.  Any goats that have genetic problems such as defective nail growth or urine infections are not mated but retired early to spend the rest of their lives on our nature reserve.

All of our goats are given local organic feed from respected local farmers who also use our waste to fertilize their land. Each year we freeze some raw goats milk which can help other baby animals that are born and lost their Mother during birth. Last year an orphan alpaca baby and six new born puppies survived by being fed on our raw milk.

Have a look at the health benefits on our website. Do come and visit our farm, we will be happy to show you around and sample our delicious and nutritious range of goat dairy products.