The story began in 2014 when I bought the farm in a bid to rescue a large group of undernourished goats from a failing business. My passion for animal welfare is the motivation at the heart of GOAT, which I have developed into a thriving dairy farm producing delicious Öländsk milk and dairy products. This is the only goat farm on Öland, Sweden.

All of the farm buildings have been renovated to the highest standard with state-of-the-art equipment. This has been a labour of love which is very much reflected in the quality of our products. All of our goat products are hand made on site using only our own produce, made by our team of highly skilled individuals. We are not a mass producer and we would lose our magic if we were.

Founder, GO AT Hagelstad  


Our GO AT Team are dynamic, dedicated and skilled. Passionate about the vision for the farm, they are integral to developing a delicious selection of unique GO AT products whilst supporting a caring environment for our ‘Öländsk’ Swedish Landraset goats.